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Remedial TreatmentRemedial Treatment

As a structural timber ages, initial preservative treatments begin to lose effectiveness in combating biological degradation caused by decay or wood-destroying insects. Thus, at some point, it is usually necessary to remedially treat structural timber in the interest of extending its useful life.

Remedial treatment is part of a regular
inspection and maintenance program.

Wood poles in a utility system are inspected on a regular basis to detect decaying or otherwise weakened poles. In most utilities, poles are subjected to a visual inspection on a relatively frequent basis followed by a more detailed, intrusive inspection at 10- to 15-year intervals to detect biological degradation. The intrusive inspection typically involves combinations of excavation to a depth of 18-24 in., surface probing to detect surface decay, and drilling to detect internal defects. Most of this process is confined to the groundline zone (2 ft below to 3 ft above), but the program can take place anywhere along the pole, depending on where the risk of decay is greatest. (continued in PDF below)
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