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Fiber TectWhat is Fibertect?

The patented Fibertect® system was developed to restore standing wood utility poles that have been weakened to the point of rejection due to decay, insect attack or other structural damage. Fibertect® combines the proper application of fiberglass and phenolic resins – to create a composite that is structurally bound to the wood pole – with internal treatments, thereby stopping and preventing future decay. The Fibertect® system gives new life to structures that otherwise need to be replaced. This will save utilities thousands of dollars in replacement and disposal costs. The process is cost effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, and will not disrupt services to the utility customers.

How the Fibertect System Works

The Fibertect® system restores the wood pole to the original ANSI O5.1 strength, providing a class A fire rating for the fiberglass wrap. The phenolic resin utilized in this system is naturally resistant to ultraviolet degradation, thus requiring no additional maintenance to ensure the integrity of the fiberglass wrap. (continued in PDF below)
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