Ultra FumeThe Ultra Fume System

UltraFume® is a general use fumigant that is effective in the remediation of existing decay and also as an internal preservative to prevent future decay infestations. Independent studies show that Ultrafume remains fungi-toxic in excess of 10 years, which allows for 10+ year treatment cycles. UltraFume decomposes to form Methylisoth- iocyanate, which is a proven fungicide in wood structures.

UltraFume® has physical and chemical properties that provide specific safety and handling advantages over other currently registered wood fumigants. UltraFume®, a solid granular powder, has reduced potential to leak from checks and is therefore easier to recover in the event of a spill during application. Ultrafume® is user friendly to applicators and to the environment. (continued pg 2 of PDF brochure)