Ultra TrussThe Ultra Truss System

The UltraTruss® is a high-quality, high-strength restoration system for transmission and distribution utility poles. The UltraTruss restores the bending strength of decayed poles to meet NESC "at replacement" code requirements.

Ribs - Reinforced Steel Design

Most trusses used for restoring poles are shaped like a "C" or a "U". These shapes are considered (open sections) which means they have a limited stiffness. The "rib" of the UltraTruss forms a closed section which greatly increases the stiffness of the truss. The stiffer the truss, the better the load transfer. Also, a stiffer truss will reduce the amount of deflection at the top of the pole. The combination of a closed section and transferring the load with the throughbolts allows a light-weight truss to obtain high bending strengths. Throughbolting to the rib generates a constant ìspring-loadî pressure of the truss against the pole. This maintains a tight union of the truss to the pole.(continued in PDF brochure)