Environmental Services

INTEC's parent company EDM International Inc. provides distinct qualifications for analyzing and resolving high-profile environmental issues.
EDM’s team is a unique combination of research scientists, wildlife biologists, and engineers. Our specialty is integrating industry and government concerns into practical consensus-based solutions with enthusiasm, objectivity, expertise, integrity, experience, and credibility.
EDM is nationally and internationally known for research and consulting work on avian collisions and electrocutions using a core team of interdisciplinary specialists. EDM’s Environmental Services Group also has specialized in regulatory environmental review, permitting, and compliance for almost 20 years.
EDM has extensive experience with the electric utility industry specializing in identification, evaluation, and problem resolution for a wide variety of wildlife related issues associated with electric power generation, transmission, and distribution.
To learn more about Evironmental Services connect to EDM International Inc. or call: 1.970.204.4001